A two-piece dress is an outfit that is made up of a matchy-matchy top and skirt that has a very similar visual effect to a single piece dress. The top and skirt do not need to be made of exactly the same fabric, but they do need to match extremely well. The skirt could be woven polyester and the top a knitted cotton or silk. From afar the two pieces look like a one-piece, hence the term “two-piece dress”. 

You’ll create a brilliant two-piece dress by combining Ted Baker’s Opulent Bloom Print Sweater and Opulent Bloom Skirt. Leave the sweater untucked and blouson over the waistband of the skirt. The sweater is delicate and runs small, so you might need to size up. The skirt has a tulle petticoat, pockets, and swooshes as you stride, which is utterly delightful. 

The Opulent Bloom Print Tee and Sweatshirt are alternatives that you can pair with the same print skirt if the sweater seems a little twee, dressy or overly ladylike. These tops dress down the skirt more than the sweater. And if skirts aren’t your thing but you like the idea of head to toe floral for the holidays, combine any of the tops with the Opulent Trousers for a two-piece jumpsuit. Finish off the look with hose, strappy pumps and a clutch. 

The first rendition with the dainty sweater and skirt was very nearly my holiday look for this year. I LOVE the fresh Winter floral two-piece dress formula, not only for the holidays, but for all sorts of dressy occasions. It’s fresh, very comfortable, as fashion forward as it is Retro, and covered. I desperately wanted the outfit to work, and twirled around the dressing room for a long time. But knew that I’d ultimately be uncomfortable in a flared skirt that didn’t cover the knees. I reluctantly hung the pieces back, but hope that I can live vicariously through you if these pieces tickle your fancy too.