Some of my clients, friends and family members with a fuller bust stay away from tops, dresses and jackets with breast pockets. They feel that breast pockets make their bust look larger and draw attention to their bustline, which they don’t want to do. The effect is more pronounced if the fabric is bulky and there are flaps on the pockets. Or if the pockets are ruched and gathered in some way to create volume over the bust. Some styles of breast pocket create a focal point in the outfit, like bias cut plaid breast pockets on a plaid shirt that draw the eye straight to the bustline. Or high-contrast colour blocked breast pockets that do the same thing. 

There are, however, two breast pocket designs that my clients are perfectly happy to wear even when they are concerned about emphasizing their bustline.

Invisible Pocket Placement

The breast pockets on these plaid shirts have been matched up to perfection with the front of the shirt. That way there is zero extra bulk on the bust, and the pockets are almost invisible.

Foxcroft Check Print Cotton ShirtTreasure Bond Classic Fit Plaid Shirt 

High Pocket Placement

The second option is to choose styles where the breast pockets are positioned a littler higher on the chest. That way they don’t create the bulk across the fullest part of the bust, if at all. Choosing this style of pocket placement on a plaid shirt with bias cut pockets can create a visual focal point on the bust, so choose a solid top with self colour pockets if you’re uncomfortable with that visual.

Burberry Brit Woven Check ShirtFree People Catch Up With Me Top

For other types of breast pocket, it does help if the top or dress is fairly fluid, and the fabric of the pockets are soft rather than stiff. Then the pockets will drape over the bust in a more subtle way. Of course, if you are not at all worried about emphasizing your bust, then by all means wear pockets of any description.

Over to you. Do you wear clothing items with breast pockets? If so, do you look for specific design details?