The climate has a big impact on our personal style. If it’s too hot we struggle to layer or cover up in the manner that makes us feel the most pulled together. If it’s too cold we’re in puffers and thermals that cover our fab outfits for months on end. Throw in hat head and the need to wear a particular style of bottom to pair with appropriate cold weather footwear, and our fashion choices diminish even further. 

For me, a relatively mild and dry four season climate seems most conducive to a fashionable look that offers variety. The perfect climate for my style would look something like this:

  • A hot and dry Summer sans arctic air conditioning so that I can wear sleeved dresses with flat footwear and not feel cold. I am in the minority here since I am comforted by hot weather and enjoy the heat for three months a year. 
  • A sunny and rainy Winter that is above freezing. I love to wear wool coats, turtlenecks and booties and would miss them if I lived in a climate where it was too hot to wear those items. I don’t mind if it snows once a Winter because snow is fun and pretty. But I would not enjoy dressing for a climate where it’s below freezing and snowy for most of Winter because that would limit my fashion choices. 
  • A sunny Autumn that’s crisp and cool so that I can wear jackets and all styles of jeans and trousers.
  • A sunny Spring that is warmer than Winter so that I can sport lighter toppers like trench coats and leather jackets to give my wool coats a rest.

Although our four season weather in Seattle is milder than on the East Coast and in the Midwest, it’s generally too cold and wet for my liking. This means that I have little opportunity to wear unlayered Summer clothes. My bottoms and footwear choices are more limited throughout the year because of the rain (I would love to wear my flares and bootcut trousers more frequently). And generally, I’m wrapping up a lot more throughout the year than I would like to because I run cold. That said, I’m grateful that we don’t have extremely cold and snowy Winters, that our Autumns are stunning, and that we had the hottest July and August on record this year. 

We all have a sweet spot. What’s the perfect climate for your style?