One style guideline that doesn’t resonate with me at all is “don’t wear white after Labor Day“. Labor Day in the US is the first Monday in September, so it really translates to not wearing white during Fall and Winter. For as long as I can remember I have been wearing white all year round. Fashion and style has come a long way even in the last ten years, and now more than ever, I vote wear whatever colours tickle your fancy year round

I was recently asked about this in the forum, specifically for white jeans. For some reason white jeans are perceived as more summery than other items in white, like shirts, blouses, tees and knitwear. But I think a white pair of jeans works just fine in our cooler seasons when it’s paired with the right cold weather support act. 

Here are some street style examples of outfits that put white jeans through their stylish paces in cold weather: 

  1. With the warmth of cognac suede booties and bag, and tan top.
  2. Wrapped up with neutrals and black boots.
  3. White jeans with black sweater and boots, and animal print coat.
  4. Chunky black pullover with wool blazer and white jeans.
  5. With black booties and silver grey boyfriend coat.
  6. Match the snow in white jeans and a dark military coat.
  7. White jeans with ink peacoat and a black support act. My favourite of the lot, and a combination I sport frequently.
  8. With tonal and textural shades of grey.
  9. White jeans with high contrast stripes, checks and tall brown boots.
  10. With camel, tan and black.
  11. And another using the same palette. Love the addition of the white bag.
  12. White jeans with casual belted olive jacket, black booties and charcoal scarf.
  13. White jeans with an Equestrian and Retro flair.
  14. With a little Boho and Rocker integrity.
  15. Combining white jeans with black turtleneck, belt and booties, and neutral topper.
  16. With textural blush, grey and black.
  17. And with an olive utility puffer, cozy woollies, and cognac accents.

Wearing white jeans with dark, tonal or warm brown neutrals is a slam dunk, as these outfits clearly show. That’s one way of achieving a more seasonally appropriate look without incorporating colour. 

There is a very legitimate concern about white jeans being impractical in rainy, snowy weather. And until a few years ago this is why I would stop wearing them during winter months. But I have found that by wearing styles with tapered hems, and pairing them with tall, weatherproof boots, or booties, this is much less of an issue. Examples like Emmanuelle Alt’s gorgeous outfits convinced me to start brightening my Winter with white jeans and I haven’t looked back. These days I have more pairs of white jeans than blue jeans, so it makes even more sense to wear them year round.

Over to you. Do you wear white jeans after Labor Day and in Winter? If not, is that something you would like to try this season?

White Jeans in Fall and Winter