Skinnies, or slim-fit straight leg jeans and trousers, still have their place. Whether they are body-con, tailored or a little relaxed, the ultra mainstream silhouette, which is going into its tenth year since it resurfaced from the ‘80s, has incredible staying power for three good reasons. 

They Are Very Practical

Skinnies are the item to tuck into weatherproof boots in snowy, slushy and wet weather. Dry pant hems and feet are a wonderful thing, full stop. Plus, the snug fit around the lower leg is warm and insulating. Skinnies paired with all sorts of short or tall boot styles allow you to look fashionable and stylish in nasty weather, which is quite remarkable. 

They Look Great with Flats

The tapered leg fit of skinnies is a proportional match made in heaven with flat footwear (heels that are between half and one and a half inches). So if you gravitate towards very low heel heights, wearing skinnies makes sense. Wearing flat footwear with wider pant hems is not impossible, but the “stumpy feeling” sets in more easily, especially if you have a relatively short inseam. 

They Are an Effective Structural Tool 

The slim-fit of skinnies adds a tailored element to outfits with fluid and oversized tops, making it a handy structural tool. Wearing volume on the top and bottom is very fashion forward, but not everyone’s cup of tea because it can make you feel bigger than you are. Wearing slim-fit pants helps to create a streamlined effect.  

I am over body-con sausage-casing skinnies. But I love to wear skinnies, straight leg jeans and cigarette pants that aren’t that tight. A tailored or relaxed fit is crucial here. I wear them because of the three reasons above, but also because it is nice to have a change from boyfriend jeans, flared jeans, wide-leg pants and slouchy trousers. Plus, I have a soft spot for the classic equestrian look. The tailored and tapered silhouette will probably stay an integral part of my style. 

Over to you. What are your thoughts on skinny jeans and pants these days?