This week we’re choosing between Birkenstock sandals, which have become a fashionable Summer shoe option, and flip flops. You’re on Team Birkenstocks if you’d rather wear Birkies — or Birkie lookalikes — than flip flops, and vice versa. Note that by “flip flops” I mean the extremely casual rubber soled variety, and not dressier leather thong sandals or toe sandals. 

I don’t wear either form of shoe. Birkenstocks don’t work for my low volume foot shape or style persona, plus my feet would freeze wearing them in Seattle where it’s barely warm enough to wear sandals. The only time I wear flip flops is directly after a pedicure. I don’t like wearing straps between my toes, nor do I like the clacking sound or look of a rubber flip flop.

I thought of sitting this one out on the bench (which is serving dhal with naan, banana salad and chai tea today), but ultimately decided to bat for Team Birkenstock. Flip flops have their place at the beach, lake and pool, or while relaxing at home, but Birkenstocks are a more versatile and substantial shoe. I am especially cheering on Team White, Black and Metallic Two Strap Arizona Birkenstocks. And I’ve noticed many people wearing Birkies instead of flip flops in Seattle over the last few weeks, which to my eye is a better look.

Over to you. Are you on Team Birkenstock or Team Flip Flops? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. Remember that there’s no right and wrong here, and it’s all in good fun.