Many on trend shoes for Spring and Summer cover the entire foot, are high in the vamp, and look best worn sans socks. I’m referring to styles like shooties, oxfords, loafers, slip-on sneakers, and slipper flats. Yes, I know that wearing closed shoes with bare feet can be uncomfortable, but there are ways of keeping your feet happy in order to sport the fashionable look. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Choose shoes in soft leather with a cushioning footbed: This makes a world of difference right away. Hard shoes are very unforgiving and create blisters. Add a cushioning insole to enhance comfort even further. 
  2. Wear a footie: They’re also known as “no show socks” or “liner socks”. They work particularly well on a high volume foot that gives the sock something to hold on to. 
  3. Wear flesh toned knee-highs with jeans and trousers: These create the illusion of bare feet and ankles, but keep you warm and comfortable. 
  4. Wear nude hose with skirts and dresses: Make sure you’ve chosen a colour that is close to your skin tone. Again, this option is warm as well as comfortable. It is NOT frumpy to wear nude hose. 
  5. Use Bodyglide: I’ve mentioned Bodyglide before. It is an anti-chafing balm that works fantastically well on your feet. Rub it on the areas of the feet that are prone to blistering to prevent chafing. Don’t rub Bodyglide onto the underside of your feet though. You’ll slip in your shoes and fall like I did.

You can combine some of these tricks for extra comfort, like wearing soft leather shoes with a footie and using Bodyglide. 

I don’t wear footies because they slip off my low volume feet while I’m walking, which drives me bananas. I do choose soft shoes and add a cushioning insole. I wear nude hose and knee-highs, to combat the cold more than anything else. And I’ll use Bodyglide when I’m going to be on my feet for many hours. 

I have very fussy feet and like to walk a lot, so I will not compromise on comfort. But I love the look of closed Spring and Summers shoes without socks. Trust me. These tricks are worth a try.