Creative Mum-on-the-Go Anna Liesemeyer (29) lives in Atlanta, and blogs about fashion, design and DIY projects over at In Honor of Design. She adores high heels, and combines a very girly casual style with arty layers and some rocker influences: 

“My style a few years ago was a lot of bold color and print mixing. I loved showing my love of color through clothing. I still appreciate print mixing and color blocking, but have slowly navigated into a more minimalist style and realize many of my more recent looks have a bohemian edge to them. Laid back and relaxed is kind of a reflection of my personality so it has started to translate in the way I dress. I love to choose pieces that are simple and modern and maybe one bold piece to tell a story. I think style should evolve as your life evolves. It makes it a fun adventure and a fun way to look at how it parallels with your life.”

Anna Liesemeyer 1

A simple, stylish and practical look that makes it easy for this Mum of three little ones under five to get on with her day. It’s the details that make this outfit. You don’t need extra bells and whistles when you go with a great pair of jeans with an interesting jacket. Anna regularly sports flares, wearing hem widths that work proportionally with her frame. The mixed media jacket has beautiful quilted detailing and an asymmetrical zipper. Wearing it closed over a simple black top creates an edgy minimalist effect. The herringbone haute baseball cap adds textural interest and a playful sporty touch. I find it irresistibly cheeky in combination with Anna’s sweet freckles. A modern daytime clutch in brown leopard print finishes off the look.

Anna Liesemeyer 2

A stylish casual look for a radiant Mum-to-be. Cargo pants are a fun alternative to jeans and just as fuss-free. Anna rolled up her khaki slim fit pants to showcase her two-toned strappy sandals. There’s only a sliver of skin showing between the low-contrast ankle straps and pant hems, which elongates the leg line. A simple V-neck tee covers Anna’s sweet baby bump, the dark colour bookends her brown tresses. The crochet effect of the white cap-sleeved cardigan adds a girly integrity to the tomboy bottoms. The neon orange border on the chevron clutch is just plain fun.

Here’s Anna’s take on maternity dressing:

“I think when you are pregnant, comfort is the most important factor. This doesn’t mean you have to forgo your style in the meantime. I usually chose the comfortable tank or tee and layered with an edgy jacket or shoe. It can be just one thing that can make all the difference in how you feel as well. I found that if I made some effort to be put together, my energy level would take note and try to keep up;)”

Anna Liesemeyer 3

The navy and red striped pleated skirt is what first caught my attention. It suits Anna’s playful casual aesthetic to a T. She has paired the flared skirt with a longer-length blazer, which isn’t the easiest look to pull off. Opting for a tailored, low-stance blazer and closing the one button keeps the silhouette streamlined. Then it’s time for a spot of pattern mixing. Adding the plaid button-down is a little unexpected and very fun. I especially love the effect of the rolled blazer cuffs with the folded-over shirt cuff because it draws the eye to the gorgeous turquoise blue in the shirt. Pumpkin ankle boots — the only warm colour in this outfit — and a cream beanie add a bit of rocker and bohemian nonchalance, as does our blogger’s long, wavy hair.

Anna Liesemeyer 4

Arty layering is Anna’s forte. Finding one-of-a-kind pieces is another talent of hers. Here she combines both. The navy herringbone cape is lightweight and drapes like a dream. The large front panels collapse back onto the body, while the asymmetrical hemline and faux sleeves keep the unstructured style fairly streamlined. Popping it over a charcoal long-sleeved top, and wearing it with black bottoms creates a coherent, monochromatic look. Slim fit pants, like these faux leather panelled leggings, are a great choice to counterbalance the volume on top. The diamond brocade fabric clutch is another unique find, one that brilliantly complements the pattern of the cape. An interesting gold bracelet, emerald cocktail ring, animal print pointy-toe pumps and fab red lipstick are all the accessories this outfit needs.

Anna Liesemeyer 5

Once in a while Anna does a dress-up challenge on her blog, for which she comes up with a look inspired by a red carpet event. This is her “inspired by the Golden Globes 2014 Daytime Look“. A beautiful graphic black and white outfit with the plaid wool coat as the star of the show. The collarless style has a sweet mod vibe. It’s also the perfect backdrop for Anna’s black oversized bib necklace. A statement accessory that works in a subtle way because of the ton-sur-ton effect over the coat. The lace trim skirt popping out from under the coat adds girly frill, the patent clutch shine and textural interest. The messy updo is playfully nonchalant, the super high ankle boots with eye-catching curvy heel are Anna’s rocker touch.

Anna Liesemeyer 6

My favourite look because of the gorgeous white Chanel-esque jacket. I especially adore this type of jacket when worn in a spunky way. Anna uses it to dress up a pair of black velvet skinnies and casual pumpkin-coloured boots. The white on white on top looks fresh and crisp. The tweedy texture is fab over the soft silk blouse. A tailored style like this is easier to wear than its boxy equivalent, plus the small collar adds structure. Our blogger kept the dark tan crossbody bag in the same colour family as her booties, which makes for a coherent pairing. The plaits and crisscross stitching down the centre add subtle texture. The gold part of the turquoise-tinted necklace with fringed chain ties in nicely with the jacket’s gold buttons. As always, the devil is in the details.

Hop on over to Anna’s blog to check out the rest of her outfits, or browse her pinboards for tons of visual inspiration. But first let us know in the comments what you think about Anna’s stylish Mum-on-the-Go looks.