Citron is an extremely bright, neon version of lemon. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. If wearing citron as a top or topper is too much of a commitment and not your colour, sport it away from your face through accessories and footwear. Or substitute citron for softer shades of pastel yellow, or earthy tones of chartreuse. 

I adore citron and wear it frequently. It’s deliciously fresh and makes my mouth water a little just looking at it. I love citron matched with black and white, ink blue, or shades of white. I also like it with faded blue denim and white. And since grey is not my colour, adding citron to the dull neutral effectively livens up my complexion. It’s actually thanks to citron that I haven’t eliminated grey from my wardrobe. 

This outfit formula is more about a colour palette of grey, white and citron, than it is about the items themselves. There are two dressier outfits and a casual rendition in the middle. I’ve used trousers and jeans, but by all means throw in a skirt or dress. A grey dress, topped with a white jacket and finished off with a citron bag and silver shoes is a magical combination. 

Here are the components:

Bottoms: Think jeans, casual pants or dressy trousers in any shade of grey, white or light blue denim. False plains, jacquards and pinstripes are good alternatives. Throw in a skirt if that’s more your cup of tea. Keep black out of the outfit.

Tops: This is where you can add citron to the outfit in a strong way. Think blouses, shirts, pullovers, tees and knitted tops in citron, or in the substitute colours I mentioned earlier. Or wear a grey or silver top matched with white bottoms. Alternatively, pair a white top with grey bottoms and incorporate citron through a belt or bag. 

Toppers: Grey and white toppers, in any style that works with the rest of the outfit, are the easiest options. A citron topper makes a larger citron statement and is another way to go. I like to wear a citron top under my citron toppers for a twinset effect. 

Footwear: You’re after light coloured shoes in a shade of white, beige, nude, light grey or silver. Pewter, dark grey and gold work pretty well too. 

Accessories: Adding citron through a bag or belt is one way to incorporate the bright in a subtle way, as seen in the outfit on the far right. White accessories, like a belt and bag, are fab when combining a citron top with grey or denim bottoms. Silver belt, bag and shoes create a lower contrast against the palette. Combine citron through the use of a scarf if that tickles your fancy. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. 

Ensemble: Grey, White and Citron

I threw in a light blue bag just to showcase the versatility of the pastel. It looks pretty and unexpected with this palette, and effectively repeats the colour when you’re wearing faded denim. 

I love wearing citron with my grey pinstripe suit, and finishing off the outfit with white belt and pumps for a crisp effect. In that outfit I wore an aqua bag, but will substitute that for a light blue one as soon as I’ve added a light blue bag to my wardrobe. In that outfit post I also substituted the suit jacket for a citron blazer in order to create a twinset-like effect over the citron top. Like I said, I love citron.