The BoF has an interesting report about the Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery. This paragraph caught my attention: “Interestingly, the emergence of a consumer prepared to spend four- or five-figure sums on contemporary fine jewellery is thanks, in part, to the dramatic rise in the price of other fashion products over the last five years. Indeed, as those dedicated to high fashion become acclimatised to spending thousands of dollars on a coat, handbag or pair of shoes, it has become less of a psychological leap to spend a similar sum on a piece of jewellery that will almost certainly last longer.”

Brides-to-be who are into more minimalist jewellery might find something to suit their taste in Refinery29’s roundup of 18 discreet engagement rings.

T Magazine confirms that it’s absolutely no longer passé to sport matching jewellery, and shows us a short roundup of coordinating sets in case you need further convincing.

Fab Links from Our Members

Krishnidoux says that ” On est né nu” (We’re born naked), is the best song to listen to while either getting dressed in the morning or while putting together outfits. It’s a song about getting dressed and dressing up, with a smile. She has translated the lyrics here.

MuseumGal was surprised to learn that Cara Delevingne’s full eyebrows have spurred a huge increase in enquiries for eyebrow transplants.

Over at the Vivienne Files, Janice has timely advice for the cold snap North America is currently experiencing. Laurinda had never heard of frozen hair snapping off before! She’d also like to add that opals can crack from the cold or from extreme temperature changes.

Angie enjoyed reading Sally’s logical and helpful guide on how to shop for boots.

Deborah loves Garance Doré’s short ‘do, and adds that what Garance describes in this post is almost exactly how she felt with her recent cut. It seems “going short” is a big deal for almost every woman.

Vildy wants to share this article, warning us about the dangers of preservatives methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, as she has firsthand experience with their potentially damaging effects.