Apart from wide legs and more avant-garde styles, we’re down to straight legs, boyfriend jeans and bootcut silhouettes when we’re not wearing skinnies or jeggings. 

I haven’t worn bootcut jeans for years and don’t even own a pair these days. I am, however, going to retry a pair of baby bootcuts because the silhouette feels fresh amidst a retail landscape with an oversupply of extra tight skinnies. I love the look of baby bootcuts with refined, low heeled pointy toe footwear, so I’m excited to bring the updated silhouette back into my wardrobe. 

As for the poll, I can’t choose between straight legs and boyfriend jeans. I love both silhouettes equally and wear them frequently. I love the volume on the lower leg of straight legs, which are wider than skinnies, but not as wide as bootcuts. I also wear them roomier all over which is a nice change from skinnies. I wear my boyfriends baggy and slouchy, which makes for another nice departure from tight, tight, tight bottoms. So I’m sitting this one out on the bench with a slice of Greg’s made-from-scratch buffalo mozzarella and olive pizza. Choose your team and no batting for more than one side.