We’re temporarily leaving stunning Fall foliage and grey Seattle skies for sunny Santa Monica. While there at the end of September we took the opportunity to do a photo shoot on the beach near our hotel. Greg and I snuck out at the crack of dawn one morning to take these pictures. 

I have worn my Kamalikulture Oval Dot Turtleneck Dress a lot over the last few months, and I brought it along to Santa Monica to wear in the evening, for sundowners on the hotel veranda and supper thereafter. I prefer this Kamalikuture dress to the first one I bought simply because I’m more in love with the pattern. But both frocks have been great purchases and easy to style. The non-crease and lightweight nature of the dresses makes them ideal to pack in a suitcase for a trip. 

Beach Dress - Full

Beach Dress - Close

As with most dress outfits that don’t require additional layering, there is little to it. Pop on the frock, add shoes and bag, and you’re done. Extra accessories and topper are optional. In my case, I bring along a topper just in case I feel cold.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket

I chose a very casual, two-tone denim jacket. I prefer the dress without additional layers because it’s at its most simple and strongest that way. And that to my eye is best. But I’m glad I had the option of wearing the jacket. The cool sea breeze is not to be underestimated, especially at night when you’re dining near the beach.

Beach Dress - Seated

I finished off the outfit with ankle strap pony pumps, my favourite Summer shoes of all time, and which are now in hibernation until warm weather returns. A pastel turquoise clutch adds a trendy element to the outfit, and sunglasses protect my eyes from the bright Santa Monica glare. Watch and wedding ring are all I need in the jewellery department.

Beach Dress - Barefoot

Beach Dress - Shoes

The high neckline might imply to you that this is a cold weather dress, but it’s very lightweight and something I comfortably wore in Summer and early Autumn. Unless the heat is sufficiently cranked up indoors, I shan’t be wearing my Kamalikulture dresses for a while because they just aren’t warm enough. Cold, wet weather has hit Seattle and I’ll be in cozy knitwear, separates and boots for a good long while. I’m already missing the beach, the warmth of the sun against my skin, and wearing this dress.

Santa Monica Bay