I like the pairing of casual hoodies under dressy blazers for both men and women. It’s another example of the oh so trendy juxtaposition of casual and dressy outfit elements that is defining our fashion era. The visual effect is cute and interesting. The strictness of the blazer whips the nonchalance of the hoodie into shape. While the sporty vibe of the hoodie relaxes the formality of the blazer. 

The outfit concept is pretty easy to achieve. You need a fairly streamlined hoodie to create a comfortable fit under the blazer, which should not be overly tight. Choose a hoodie in knitted jersey, lightweight fleece, merino wool, or cashmere. Layer a wool-rich blazer over the hoodie, placing the hood over the collar of the blazer. Mix colours and patterns to your taste. Wear solid trousers, Ponte pants, cargo pants, checked pants or jeans on the bottom. Finish off with a super pair of booties.

Townsen Cedar Fleece HoodieReiss Ambrose Pinstripe Tailored Jacket

Juicy Couture Cashmere Hoodie in MademoiselleReiss Ashberry Contrast Texture Jacket

525 America Stripe Pullover HoodieReiss Summer Fitted Jacket

Here are some hoodie with blazer combinations in stylish action:

It’s a super outfit combination for Mums and gals on the go, and casual settings like weekends and traveling. Who is going to try it?