Glitzy items with sparkle and shine make us think of formal wear and dressing up. While that’s true, the ongoing fashion movement towards wearing “daytime sparkle” and casual items with shiny textures and surfaces is growing stronger. It’s fashion’s way of adapting dressy to our age of casualization. For this reason describing an item as casually glitzy makes sense. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the juxtaposition of dressy and casual elements in one outfit is a style that is defining our fashion era. 

These casual pieces for Team Magpie are shiny, juxtaposing a formal wear concept with a very relaxed vibe.

I like shiny things because they look dressy, so I am all for wearing casual glitz. How about you?

Generation Love Yoko Combo JacketJuicy Couture Metallic Pullover HoodieThree Dots Sequin TopMonserat De Lucca Large Botevara Pouch