Overalls, or dungarees as I am used to calling them, have been a fringe trend for about a year. And I mean super fringe. You might know the bib-front style all too well because you wore dungarees as a child. They’ve been coming through in casual farmer-esque denim, as well as dressier leather, pleather, silky fabrications and drapey polyester blends. Some styles are oversized and some are tailored. 

The point is to wear dungarees with a relatively thin under-layering piece, fluid or fitted, sleeved or sleeveless, solid or patterned. If you like you can also layer a topper over the whole lot. The pictures below are great examples of the look. 

The overall effect of dungarees is casual, and especially so when paired with a tee and sneakers. That way of styling the piece is my least favourite. I much prefer the dungaree vibe when ladylike, girly and dressy elements are added into the mix, like heeled boots, refined pumps, elegant sandals, dressy bags, arm candy, cascading long locks and lipstick. To my eye that’s a more fun and fab juxtaposition of elements, and new way of wearing the item. 

My first reaction to seeing dungarees, especially in denim, was that the trend is reserved for kids and teens. But I soon changed my mind because as with most trends, effective outfit execution is everything. It’s how people wear what, when and where that gives them a stylish advantage. So before you formulate an opinion about dungarees, take a peek at these stylish outfits in action:

  • Fashion forward, chic and elegant. The narrow cut and dressier fabric of the dungarees makes all the difference, as does matching them with dainty shoes and bag. Genius outfit.

The downside to wearing dungarees, and any style of jumpsuit or romper, is that they’re impractical in the restroom. A deal breaker in itself. At least with dungarees, you keep the top part of your body warm with the layering piece.

I’m not actively searching for dungarees at all. But if a dressier pair crossed my shopping path, I’d be tempted to try them on. They’re a fun piece that can be worn with a dressy support act that makes them look more sophisticated. So for that reason, I’m in. Over to you. What’s your take on overalls and dungarees?

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