A shade of blue with a shade of orange is a glorious pairing. First, blue is better than black if you want to stay away from Halloween associations. And second, blue and orange are complementary colors

I was inspired by orange and blue outfit combinations while pinning looks from the Spring 2014 runway collections. Take a peek: 

These combinations are by no means exhaustive. For example, a shade of orange matched with navy, ink and denim blue is a slam dunk. You needn’t select a bright and bold orange either. Earthier versions in rusts and burnt oranges work just as well with shades of blue. Or match light blue or faded denim with pastel peach and apricot. 

Remember that if you don’t like to sport orange as a solid colour or clothing item, wear it in a pattern, as footwear, or accessories. I like the addition of white to a blue and orange combination because it freshens up the palette. Don’t think you have to wait till Spring to sport orange with blue. Wear the combination year round and whenever it tickles your fancy. 

My favourite mix of orange and blue is a deep orange-red with bright turquoise, and hint of white. I also like ink blue with Dutch orange. Will you wear orange with blue?