Tanesha Awasthi (32) of Girl With Curves has a penchant for punchy lipstick colours and is a big believer in the power of Modern Classic pieces. Our budget-conscious blogger, who lives in the SF Bay Area, also has the most striking black curls that provide built-in textural interest with everything she wears. Tanesha is proud to rock her curvy figure, and passionate about promoting positive body image to help other women embrace their own curves:

“In the two and a half years since I started the blog, my style has been constantly evolving, but I always gravitate towards classic silhouettes with modern elements of trend. Lately, I’ve been loving classic ladylike pieces in timeless black and white. I initially started the blog as a creative outlet outside my career in the tech industry, but realized I could help women by aiming to be an example of confidence to wear what I love. My mission behind Girl With Curves is to impact lives through fashion, by showing women they can look and feel amazing, regardless of size.”

Tanesha Awasthi 1

I do so love a bold stripe and bold stripes clearly love Tanesha! Plus the black and white combo, a true classic, never fails to add a deliciously graphic touch. This striped number is actually a Kate Spade dress worn as a skirt by layering a simple black tee over it. Quite a clever way to increase the wearability of a frock by adding some extra warmth without too much bulk for when it’s chilly outside. The full skirt is a flattering length on Tanesha, the black pumps further elongate the leg line. Our statuesque blogger is 5’10”, by the way, and a big fan of high heels. Also, if anyone needed proof that there truly are no limits to the versatility of a cheeky denim jacket, then look no further. Pick a tailored, fairly short style, roll up the cuffs, turn up the collar, et voilà: instant easy-going spunk. In fact, this entire outfit screams youthful, fashionable sass to me. It puts me in such a good mood, I’m voting this my favourite. Where accessories are concerned, Tanesha doesn’t think twice about mixing her metals. Here she’s pairing a gold rose watch with silver rings and a yellow gold link necklace and bracelet. Modern and stylish. A streamlined tote is all that’s needed to finish off the look.

Tanesha Awasthi 2

The first thing that struck me is how luxe the camel looks with the shades of blue. In fact, the colour palette reminds me of the rich golds and blues found in baroque paintings. Very chic and elegant. A wool camel coat is a classic, and Tanesha is one of the lucky gals who wears the colour well. The single-breasted belted style with soft self fabric ties is a great option for hourglass fuller figures, giving you plenty of definition. This vintage coat is also quite fitted on the shoulders, providing extra structure. The print in the scarf and slightly darker hue of the sweater both complement the coat perfectly, creating a tonal look up top that is eye-catching yet surprisingly simple. Tanesha often favours more minimalist outfits consisting of only a few components. It’s the way she puts them together, her eye for proportion, fabrics and colour combos that keep it interesting. A few well-chosen accessories further amp up the high style quotient. The leopard print pumps, a classic, bring another pattern into the game, while simultaneously picking up the cognac of the sleek Zara shopper. A gold-toned sculptural cutwork cuff adds an arty touch. Tanesha’s simple updo reveals small drop earrings, and is perfect for showcasing the fab scarf and coat collar. Plus it draws attention to her beautiful features, as does the bright fuchsia lipstick. 

Tanesha Awasthi 3

Who says curvy women can’t wear culottes! Or white bottoms, for that matter. I practically screamed with delight when I saw Tanesha sporting this ladylike black and white outfit. Stunning! It’s all about fit and proportion, and our blogger has that down pat. Like all classic culottes, these have a wide leg, but there’s not too much excess fabric. Just enough to create the new type of fluidity. They’re a fab length too, covering the knee, yet leaving the rest of the leg bare. The fitted high waist accentuates the narrowest part of her torso. This is emphasized again by the cropped mock turtleneck top hitting her midriff. An alluring, very sophisticated way to show some skin. And very on trend, Angie says, if you look at what’s on the catwalks for Spring 2014 right now. The black pointy toe pumps are part patent leather, part suede, adding both subtle texture and shine to the ensemble. A classic black tote bookends Tanesha’s dark curls and top, while the gold hardware is repeated in the chunky link bracelet. Both also made an appearance in the first outfit, demonstrating that Tanesha is an expert remixer. Love that! Two silver rings, one with turquoise stone, draw attention to Tanesha’s white nail polish — a subtle hint back to the white culottes. Neon pink lippy is the playful finishing touch. 

Tanesha’s advice for everyone who’s a little hesitant to break the “fashion rules” and experiment with bending body type guidelines:

“I’ve always been one to step outside the box when it comes to fashion and style, but it wasn’t until I turned 30 that I had the confidence to love the skin I’m in and flaunt my curves the way I do now. In the past, I was too self-conscious to truly wear what I loved, so I stuck to what I knew looked good on my figure. The best advice I can give to curvy women who aren’t comfortable wearing what they love, is to start building self-esteem and self-love by focusing on one part of the body they love, which will help them accept the physical parts of themselves they can’t change. Once a stronger sense of self-love is present, they’ll have the confidence to wear things they love, versus what the fashion industry says is appropriate for their particular body type or size. Confidence to wear what one loves, starts with loving oneself from the inside out!”

Tanesha Awasthi 4

Utility goes glam. Opting for an olive green utility jacket with a faux fur collar is an easy way to instantly add a bit of glam and textural interest. The drawstring style emphasizes Tanesha’s small waist. A white blouse with silver sequined overlay further dresses up this casual ensemble, by bringing some daytime sparkle to the mix. The round hem of the blouse works beautifully with the dark wash skinny jeans, elongating the leg line and providing extra structure. Pointy toe pumps in a delicate blush pink provide more softness, a fun contrast against the tougher jacket. As do the girly bubblegum pink lipstick and the white clutch with sweet diamond patterned quilting and playful tassel. Unique vintage earrings with retro design peeking out from Tanesha’s gorgeous curls echo the white of the blouse, adding some lightness around the face.

Tanesha Awasthi 5

A predominantly neutral colour palette gets an oh so pretty kick from the yummy pastel peach blazer. Doesn’t it look amazing with Tanesha’s gorgeous black curls. Our blogger is so elegant in this type of flowing midi and tailored top. That feeling and shape is repeated in her bouncy long hair. A romantic, feminine look that suits her so well. The silhouette is again very much in line with what we are seeing on the runways right now for S/S 2014. It’s all about fluidity and movement. I love the just-below-the-knee length and drape of the gauzy full skirt, you can just imagine it swishing from side to side as she walks by. The pastel blazer looks super fresh paired with the simple tucked white V-neck tee. The sharp shoulders of the blazer contrast nicely with the flowy feel of the outfit. Notice also how the blazer nips in at the waist and hits at a flattering point on her body. It’s hard to wear a long blazer with a flowing midi skirt, but these proportions are spot on. The accessories, taupe textured sandals, skinny brown belt, vintage Louis Vuitton clutch, oversized watch and conversational cocktail rings, each in their own way bring subtle interest to the look. Last but not least, the two simple pendants, worn at different lengths, continue the vertical line created with the V-neck tee and blazer lapels.

Tanesha Awasthi 6

A strict ladylike look that means business. Tanesha wore this dressy outfit for London Fashion Week, but it would work just as well as a day-to-night look at the office. The juxtaposition between soft and more severe is straight up my alley. So is the refined dark colour palette with touches of white. The midi flared coat, crisp button-down and flattering fit-and-flare dress are structured and tailored. They create a polished, authoritative feel that is then softened by the feminine floral pattern on the frock, girly sparkly necklace and Tanesha’s luxuriant locks. Because her hair is black, the opaque tights act as a natural bookending tool, which counterbalances the harshness. Fab choice of footwear too: the suede shooties are more modern and playful than a classic black pump would have been. Add in pearl stud earrings, a minimalist black handbag and one of her trademark pink lip colours, and Tanesha was ready to take the city by storm.

Let us know what you think about Tanesha’s style, and then hop on over to Girl With Curves to browse the rest of her outfits. Or have a peek on Pinterest to find out what inspires our blogger. Also, be sure to check in regularly on the blog in the coming months to see how our super stylish mom-to-be dresses her growing baby bump. Big congratulations to you and your husband, Tanesha!