Some retailers refer to this style as culottes, others as gauchos, and others as wide leg capri pants. At this stage I am unsure how to correctly describe them because they all look like culottes to me. However, these styles share common attributes: they are soft, cropped to just below the knee or calf, and wide in the leg. Hence I am referring to them as soft & cropped wide leg pants

I love this style of voluminous bottom, as long as they are cropped to the shorter lengths shown below. They swoosh as you stride, are super breezy, quite practical, and have an elegant air to them. They look a lot like flared skirts, yet they’re pants, which makes the style a little more interesting. Soft cropped wide leg pants also keep you cool and covered if shorts and slim fit clamdiggers aren’t your thing. 

Wear them with a top as simple as a form fitting tank or knitted top, tucked in blouse, or roomy cropped top. For a harder edge to the overall soft look, add in a cropped denim jacket. Due to the wide nature of the style, you might feel more grounded wearing the silhouette with some form of heel (high or low), although it is not essential. 

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