Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting we expose our midriffs. Instead I’d like to introduce you to a covered cropped top that can look quite cute when worn in a particular way.

The examples below illustrate the new boxy cropped sweater vibe. Sometimes the sweaters are a little longer in the back than in the front. I think it’s key to wear a cropped sweater in a roomy silhouette. Somehow a form fitting version looks dated.

Boxy cropped sweaters range in length. Some are really cropped and fall above the natural waistline (grey sweater, top left) and others fall on the natural waistline (the other three sweaters). When styling these sweaters it is helpful to think about two options: layering and no layering.

A longer layering top underneath

As seen in the photos below, you can create different effects by changing the colour contrast between the layers and your bottoms. This type of layering works best with streamlined bottoms to balance out the boxiness of the top. Alternatively, wear a boxy cropped sweater over a form fitting sheath dress to create a relaxed arty look.

No layering

When the cropped sweater is a little longer and finishes on the waistline, you’ll achieve a similar look to a tucked-in top sans the tucking. These types of cropped sweaters work best over more voluminous bottoms with a high rise. By volume I mean front pleated trousers or shorts, wide leg pants or jeans, and flared skirts. The high rise on the bottom keeps the belly covered, while the banded bottom adds structure to the ensemble.

This trend is still very fringe and whether it will take off or not is anyone’s guess. I am drawn to the boxy cropped sweater because the proportions look new. I see cropped blouses emerging too, which could be interesting.

Not to worry if you’re having an allergic reaction. I assure you that regular length sweaters and tops are definitely still the mainstream look. Even if cropped sweaters and tops gain popularity over the next few years, there will still be a variety of lengths represented in retail because that’s how fashion itself has evolved over the last five years. We are no longer living in a fashion world where one style reigns supreme.

So, who is feeling the new boxy cropped sweaters?