Great news for cat lovers. Cats are a fashionable inspiration more than ever at the moment. We’re used to seeing cat marking prints like tiger, cheetah and leopard patterned merchandise every season, on just about every wardrobe item and in every fabrication. But here I’m talking about a different kind of cat print. Not the marking, but a picture of the cat’s face or full body in some form or other.  

The graphics are realistic or abstract, and found on tops like t-shirts, silky tops, upscale sweatshirts and pullovers. The examples below are representative of the trend. 

At first I thought this was a teenybopper trend, but soon changed my mind as I thought back to Versace’s wildly popular silky cat designs of the early ’90s. Then I incorporated big kitty tops into the dressy nostalgic tee ensemble for some of my clients, pairing it with a more sophisticated support act.

Wearing big kitty tops as layering pieces is one option if you’re worried about it looking too juvenile. Furthermore, some cat graphics look less childish than others, so choose a panel print that conveys a more “grown up” spirit. 

If you’re besotted with cats, I vote YAY for big kitty tops. Why not wear a graphic of an animal that is close to your heart on a wardrobe item. Express this love through your style.

Over to you. Would you wear a big kitty top? If not, do you vote yay for others? Or is it a juvenile look best left to teenyboppers?

Bobeau Beaded Animal TeeStella McCartney T-Shirt

Tibi Sweatshirt Nelio PrintedFaith Connexion Leopard T-Shirt

River Island Cat SweatshirtWILDFOX Pullover Black Panther

Sparkle & Fade Black Cat Pullover SweatshirtMarkus Lupfer Cartoon Kitty Sweater

City Chic Studded Cat Print Top