Guest Post
Ingunn, who works as a teacher and lecturer in Norway, as well as being a full time Mum, recently shared her thoughts about becoming a Veteran member of the YLF forum (which happens after a year of participation). We loved her post so we asked whether we could share it here on the blog. Enjoy Ingunn’s gorgeous style, which very much reflects her inner beauty, charm and grace.

Upon my return to YLF after the holidays, I realized that I’d become a veteran over the Summer. I think I joined late July last year, but I’m not sure of the exact date. Like many of you I feel a strong gratitude for being so lucky to stumble upon this wonderful community. During the past year I’ve come to regard you as my inspirators and friends, and reading Angie’s inspirational and educational daily posts, Inge’s Thursday Links and Blogger features is a true delight. Thank you for this.

What have I learned from my first year on YLF? First of all, I think my style has evolved a lot, and for the first time in my life I feel quite certain of who I am, style-wise. That is not a small achievement for me. I now really enjoy building my wardrobe piece by piece, and I enjoy more than ever putting it all together. There’s still no need for a lot of pieces as long as they are mixable. I’ve learned to accept my playful side, and not fight it although I’m now in my forties. For a while that baffled me — I thought I needed to “grow up”. When I neglect my playful side too much I’m in frumpy land before noon. But there has to be a balance, too. Certain looks are better appreciated on others, and now I better understand how to identify which ones. I also now better understand why I’ve always loved classic pieces and certain colors. My wardrobe essentials are more or less covered for a while. My Spring/Summer wardrobe has been a treat this year, and I anticipate that when I pull out my Autumn/Winter stuff, I will find it in great condition and ready for a few updates. I’ve become better at identifying the holes, but who is perfect? There must be room for the serendipitous, too, and I will continue making mistakes. That, too, will keep me going. I’m always in for a new fashion challenge. Above all, I’ve learned to embrace RED!

I don’t quite remember what my first post was about, but I think I asked for advice about a tweed jacket and a dress combination. You were overwhelmingly responsive and helpful. My first What I Wore’s were posted with great anxiety. Would anyone find me foolish doing this, would I get ridiculed, have my head chopped off? On the contrary: I very soon learned to rely on your kind feedback. I can truly say that I’ve NEVER been offended or hurt by anyone’s remarks here on YLF. You are an astounding group, and probably quite unique on the Internet. We are very different in many ways, but we share a love and interest in fashion and style that unites us. I love that. Thank you for a wonderful first year, Angie, Inge, Greg and all fabbers!

Here are a few favorite outfits from my first YLF-year:

  1. My first KILLER rating! For my birthday last September.
  2. Lesson learned: A navy V-neck is a workhorse for me, and tall black boots, too.
  3. The red dress. Worn over and over, for work and celebrations.
  4. Stripes, slouchy pants and heeled booties. Have to love it!
  5. The black Banana Republic wrap dress.
  6. The Boss LBD has already proved its versatility.
  7. My dear leather moto.
  8. Red coat and white jeans, how did I not know that I needed you both?
  9. And the white tux and clutch, too.
  10. A white skirt with a preppy knitted blazer. New thrifting skills have opened even more possibilities for me.