I have worn my Hi-Ness Converse high-top sneakers with a blazer, with checked pants, and with long shorts. I leave the laces untied because I prefer the “no-bow” look and looser fit around the ankle. It’s comfortable and more streamlined. You might expect the high-tops to be too loose with untied laces, falling off your foot as you stride, but by securing the laces you can ensure that the fit is snug. 

Here’s what to do: Start with your laces untied.


Pull the threaded laces so that the sneaker feels tight on your foot and the laces look neat and tidy.


Take each lace end and thread it back through the top eyelet on the opposite side from the outside in. So the right lace is threaded through the left eyelet, and the left lace is threaded back though the right eyelet. 

Pull the lace ends until they are tight and comfortable. This is what keeps the laces in place and the sneaker snug on your foot. 

Left Loop

Right Loop

Fold the exposed parts of the laces neatly and tuck the ends back into the sides of the sneaker. Try to keep the hidden pieces over the tongue of the shoe. That way the lace won’t tickle the sides of your feet. 

Right Hide

Left Hide



I add $2 cushioning insoles from the drugstore and wear Zella’s “no show” fitness liner socks. The socks contribute to the snug fit and also prevent the tucked laces from rubbing against my skin and unravelling. Sneaker, sock and laces are as snug as a bug in a rug.