Cropped pants, in a variety of styles, lengths and fabrications, were the “it” bottom for Spring and Summer 2013. They were pushed by every retailer in large quantities and across all price points. Without a doubt, they go down as one of the biggest trends of 2013. 

And there is no stopping the trend for Fall. Cropped pants in warmer fabrications — like wools, jacquards and tweeds — are huge. The examples below show the silhouette that is particularly popular: Flat front, straight through the leg, side entry pockets, a little wider at the hems, and an inch or three above the ankle. 

I do not have a poison eye for all styles of cropped pants. After all, I wear them. I do have a stormy relationship with them though, and generally find the style and length hard to pull off without looking frumpy and stumpy. That’s why I created a set of guidelines that help to create more flattering proportions. 

I happily wear cropped boyfriend jeans rolled at the cuffs because they are tapered at the hems. I tuck or faux tuck my top to extend the line of the leg. Sometimes I add a heel. I will also happily wear cropped pants that aren’t jeans when they are a little shorter and tapered at the hems. I’ll often add a low heel for a sleeker and dressier vibe. 

But I can’t get past my poison eye for the examples below. It’s the length coupled with a wider hem that throws me over the edge — especially when they are worn with dark, severe pumps. I find it an unattractive look, and adding heels to already tall leggy models doesn’t improve the proportions much. If the pants were longer or shorter, tapered, and worn with booties, the visual effect would be greatly improved to my eye. 

Fashion and style is highly subjective. So it is inevitable that we will all have a poison eye for certain trends and outfit combinations. Especially now that it is becoming more acceptable to discard conventional figure flattery in favour of something new. The best we can do is acknowledge when this is the case and understand that there are other people seeing things differently and loving the look. I also try to be open to my own eye adjusting. My aversion to the most popular cropped pants silhouette has gone on for long enough that I don’t think that will change. Still, “never say never”, I tell myself. 

What’s your take on the cropped pants silhouette below? Will you be wearing it for Fall?

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