If the men in your life could do with a quick style update, here are the items you can replace to make the greatest impact in the least amount of time. Work through the list in order. 

  • Haircut: Is there a need for a hairstyle change? Perhaps your man needs to go shorter, or grow out his current style. Perhaps he needs to use a little product to modernize his look, and keep the ‘do under control. 
  • Eyewear: Make sure they are flattering, youthful and current, and I can’t stress this point enough. There is no need to sport the latest trends, but wearing GREAT eyewear is key if you wear specs daily. 
  • Jeans: Most men wear jeans, so make sure they fit and aren’t too short. Perhaps it’s time to retire the overly relaxed baggy fit and opt for a pair of tailored straight legs. Or, it’s time to add volume to the jeans silhouette to balance out a barrel chest and slim legs. In that case opt for a roomy straight leg or bootcut. 
  • Long Sleeved Shirt: Long sleeved shirts tend to look more fashionable than short sleeved shirts, but they aren’t as breezy. And some men don’t find them as comfortable. Perhaps throw a few long sleeved shirts into the mix to wear on special occassions. Make sure they fit! Not too baggy across the hip area, and too long in length if the shirt is being worn untucked. 
  • Fab Pair of Shoes: Choose something refined and modern classic if you’re after a dressier look. A pair of fashionable chunky peds, loafers, or a pair of iconic Converse sneakers if your guy is more casual. 
  • Belt: This is optional. If your man prefers to tuck in his shirt, finish off the outfit with a wide belt that works with the shoes. 

If your man likes to wear undergarment tees under his shirts like Greg and most of my clients do, I highly recommend Banana Republic’s new stretch-pima cotton basic tee. Super soft and comfy, great fit, and the neckline stays looking crisp after many laundry cycles. 

Fit is extra important in menswear because the components are so basic. That’s why fabulously fitting garments will instantly elevate a man’s style. Get the basics down first, like jeans and shirts, and then tackle the rest.