People watching is always great fun, and checking out what cyclists are wearing in the city is currently top of my mind, as I’m considering getting my own Oma bike. That’s why this NYT article on smart footwear style and the new bike sharing programme caught my attention.

Since the start of the NYC Citibike programme, retailers are seeing more interest in fashionable bike helmets. Over the past few years, bike accessories designers have also upped their game and they are coming out with more attractive and colourful options.

Biking in style is a popular subject on Pinterest too. Doesn’t browsing boards like “Bike Style“, and pins from people like “Jo Blue” and “Ony Peweh” make you want to take your wheels out for a spin right this second?

Fab Links from Our Members

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Bill Cunningham discussing black and white outfits for solstice in NYC is such a treat. Suz loves the Irish crochet lace, and rightly points out that “his voice alone makes this video worth it! He is so audibly delighted with what he’s seeing.”

On Movie Star Makeover, Kay offers in-depth analysis of movie star style and how it intersected with their career ambitions. Vildy also loves how she interprets what she thinks costume designers were going for.

Last but not least, Ironkurtin recommends watching this video in which Dustin Hoffman talks about his realization about what women experience from his time on Tootsie.