I love the look of natural shiny skin, and make-up that is “barely visible”, so as a result my make-up routine is very light. I wear a little tinted moisturizer, a dusting of blush, mascara, eyebrow pencil, nude lipstick, and that’s it. I never wear eyeshadow, bronzer, eyeliner, lipliner, gloss, concealer and dark lipstick. If I didn’t look brighter, more polished, and alive with a little make-up, I’d probably skip the routine entirely and concentrate purely on skincare products.

That said I absolutely believe that there is a time and place for heavier make-up, and that’s in front of the camera or under any type of strong lighting. I’ve learned that I have to apply twice as much make-up for my own YLF outfit photo shoots if I want to look my normal self in the photos. I look completely washed out when I wear the usual bare minimum. 

The same goes for clients when I prep them for photo shoots or events that involve professional photo taking. They can’t believe they’re wearing so much more make-up. I reassure them by saying that they’ll thank me for my heavy hand when they see the photos. 

I recently had make-up professionally applied when a camera crew filmed me for an upcoming smartphone advertisement for LG. I have never worn as much make-up in my life, and it was touched up throughout the day to maintain the effect. Every time I looked in the mirror, I was shocked to see my made-up face. But as soon as I saw some of the photo and camera footage, the make-up looked natural and spot on. 

If you’re posing for professional photographs, video or the like, my suggestion is to apply extra make-up if you normally wear a little or none at all. You may dread the look in real life, but it’s probably going to look dead right in the photos or video.