I bat for Team Polished and believe that lipstick (and mascara, shiny skin, and defined brows for that matter), are part of what defines a polished appearance. I find that a little lipstick goes a long way to adding definition to my style by brightening up my pale complexion, and dressing up my look. I definitely look more alive and healthy with lip treatment. So I love to wear lipstick and do so daily. I also keep my lips moisturized with lip balm. I cannot handle my lips feeling dry at any time, so I’m often applying either lipstick or balm to my lips. But seldom gloss because I don’t like the sticky texture. 

I’ve been a daily lipstick wearer for 20 years, ever since I started working in the Rag Trade. That said, I do not experiment with lip colours and brands at all. I find one lipstick colour and texture that I love and wear it for years. In 2011 I found a nude lipstick by MAC and have been wearing it every day since. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? 

The rest of my make-up routine is minimal and very subtle. My lip style has always been low contrast, light and soft. Usually a light coral of sorts or something in the peachy-brown family. Never anything too pink or purple because it looks harsh and unnatural against my skin tone. The only time I throw in a high contrast red lipstick is for formal occasions like weddings and holiday parties.

Lip style runs the gamut among my friends and clients. Some wear dark lipstick as a daily colour. Others prefer lighter shades. Some are occasional lipstick wearers. Some like to wear gloss instead, or opt for a stained lip balm. Some stick to natural lip balm. And some can’t stand lip treatment of any kind and prefer a completely naked lip. 

I feel naked without lip treatment, and must wear lipstick every day. I even need to feel a layer of lip balm on my lips before I fall asleep at night. That’s how much I need moisturized lips. What’s your lip style? Do you wear lipstick, gloss or balm daily because you feel that it improves your look? Or does it make little difference to you. Do you prefer a low or high contrasting colour on your lips? Or do you prefer your lips free of any kind of treatment?