Here’s a summary of the posts that I’ve written about fitting pants and jeans to get all the guidelines into one place. Note that this summary does not cover lengths. I have so much to say on that topic that it has its own summary

These days assessing fit is more complicated because there are three broad categories of correct clothing fit, namely, tailored, body con and oversized. Add in the creative design details that affect fit and things get even worse. Even so, understanding the basics of how to fit classic dress pants is a good starting point. Don’t forget that some pocket styles can be more flattering than others, and that pant whiskering should be minimized

Once you’ve got a handle on how to fit a tailored pair of pants, you’ll find it easier to achieve correct fit on body con styles and roomy slouchier silhouettes. Boyfriend jeans have become mainstream and here are some guidelines on how to fit the baggier jeans option. Here’s a fit guide for wide leg trousers and how to wear them. Remember that straight length pants and jeans can be your skinnies, and that small alterations like hemming and waistband tapering can help you to achieve perfect fit.

And if white jeans and pants scare you because you think you’ll look larger than you actually are, erase that myth from your minds this instant. Follow these seven steps to wearing white jeans and trousers with panache at any size. 

If there are further fit challenges that I haven’t addressed, please raise them in the comments section and let’s get you sorted.