This feels like the most “rough around the edges” or RATE outfit that I’ve posted. Greg begs to differ. He thinks I look polished and not intentionally “rough” and “untidy”. But it’s all relative because to me, the combination of faded baggy boyfriend jeans, a casual chunky cable knit pullover, distressed Frye boots and new punk do, create a different visual to the clean, crisp, graphic and simple outfits that I usually wear. 

The blush moto jacket that I bought last year was a very unexpected purchase. And even more surprisingly has become a wardrobe workhorse. I have worn it A LOT over the last five months — much more than my black moto jackets. More and more I’m drawn to wardrobe items in light colours, especially in shades of white. I tend to think of this jacket as “pinky cream” as opposed to a blush so I guess that’s why I’m wearing it so often. 

The acrylic-rich, chunky rose pink pullover from Zara was bought to go with the moto. I liked the idea of wearing tones of light pink because it’s soft and pretty. I’m glad I rekindled my love for light blue and pink last year because it makes for a nice change against my wardrobe of black, ink blue, white and sour brights.

I’ve frequently worn this pullover with the jacket and I’m thrilled to report that it’s warm and does not itch! I like the contrast between the clean and crisp lines of the leather jacket and the fuzzy hand-knit look of the pullover. It’s like combining structure with chaos. And when hubby thinks you look cuddly, so much the better.

I chose my faded Gap boyfriend jeans because light blue works well with soft pinks. The bagginess of the jeans adds to the casual vibe of the outfit, and at this point also makes it more fashion forward; Wearing your clothes looser is one of the biggest fashion directions for 2013.

The casual taupe booties serve to add length to the jeans, which are a little short on the leg for my liking. They used to be eight-hour-shoes, but that two inch heel has demoted them to four hour shoes as my feet unfortunately become fussier with age. I finished off the outfit with a gold watch, wedding ring, retro black specs and cream satchel. Ideally, I want to wear an off-white clutch with this outfit but I don’t have one yet. I’ve added it to my Spring shopping list as an item I can wear year round.

And there’s the scarf. I love my Burberry scarf, but I did not love it with the outfit. The addition felt too complicated, layered and maximal for my style. But it did keep me toasty warm, and I liked that aspect of it. But it wasn’t that cold and I was fine to leave it off. The happiness-factor of this outfit skyrocketed as soon as I removed the scarf, and that was that.