Here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of shopping both in stores and online. Have I missed anything? Please add your point of view in the comments. 

Store Shopping


  • You can see and feel the item, which gives you a great indication of quality, cut and colour straight off the bat.
  • You do not need to purchase the item in order to fit it on. If it doesn’t work out, you can leave it in the dressing room.
  • You can enjoy the ambiance and social nature of the retail experience.
  • The sales staff (if they are helpful).


  • Traipsing to brick and mortar stores is a time-consuming and tiring process.
  • You are restricted to shopping within store hours.
  • Lack of variety.
  • Some stores are crowded and overwhelming.
  • The sales staff (if they are annoying).

Online Shopping


  • You can make a purchase at any time. The convenience and ease of this shopping process cannot be beat. 
  • Larger variety of merchandise, which means that you can often find particular items in very specific sizes online that you can’t find in stores. 
  • The ability to compare prices instantly.
  • Sometimes items are cheaper online than they are in physical stores.


  • You have to purchase the item to fit it on.
  • You end up returning a lot of items because you couldn’t judge them accurately using the photo.
  • Shipping costs are sometimes a factor.
  • Shopping on the Internet is sometimes a little too easy, potentially leading to unnecessary purchases. 

There is no question that online shopping has revolutionized the fashion and retail industry by enabling more people to shop. I do shop online for footwear in particular because there is a better assortment online. I also like online only sites like YOOX and Shopbop. And every so often I find exactly what I am looking for on Amazon.

But I am still Team Store all the way. I love the hustle and bustle, and being able to see and fit things on before purchasing them. I also love getting out, walking around in a city looking at shops and soaking up the atmosphere. It’s social and appeals to my love of urban life.

What are your main reasons for shopping either in store or online, and which do you prefer?