You are on Team ’70s if you prefer ’70s fashion or ’70s inspired fashion. You are on Team ’90s if you prefer ’90s fashion or ’90s inspired fashion. Note that today’s fashion that is inspired by the decade but not actually of that decade counts towards your preference. 

Neither of these decades is close to my heart because I’m an ’80s and ’60s gal. But I do enjoy aspects of both. The glam trouser suits and fitted blazers of the ’70s were divine, as were the tailored and tucked shirts with pointy collars, huge sunglasses, belted leather trench coats, pussy bow blouses and disco fever. The early ’90s brings back fantastic memories of wearing grungy plaid flannel shirts, workwear boots, rugged belts with big buckles, distressed denim and Levis 501s. I’m also grateful that the ’90s toned down hectic big ’80s hair and clownish makeup.

Although I was a child back then, I fondly remember the amazing outfits my Mum and her friends wore, and I so wanted to be grown up and wear them too. I LOVED watching Charlie’s Angels in the ’70s and thought that Jacqueline Smith was a goddess. There’s a glamourous aspect of that decade that wasn’t hippie and bohemian, and that’s why I’m batting for Team ’70s. 

Over to you. Are you Team ’70s or Team ’90s? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.