Many, many of my clients have wider feet, but only a small percentage actually purchase footwear in wide widths (footwear sized with a W or WW). The reason is twofold: 

  • Wide width footwear is wide all over, and if you have narrow heels, they slip at the heel or fall right off. 
  • Wide width footwear is in very short supply. It’s easier to find footwear in regular widths, but in styles with roomy toe boxes. 

Clients with bunions need footwear with extra room on the toe box to avoid pain. They often purchase regular width footwear made of soft leather that can be stretched on the area of the bunion. Footwear made of stretchy fabrications works well too. Sandal styles in regular widths are also great because the cutaway style of the sandal gives uncovered bunions the space to breath. 

My clients with large bunions or with feet that are evenly wide from toe to heel tend to purchase footwear in wide widths. Some add insoles if their narrower heels slip in the wider size, but they still purchase a wide size because it’s more comfortable. 

Do you have wider feet and purchase wide width footwear? Or do you purchase regular width footwear with extra roomy toe boxes that can be stretched to fit.