Camouflage patterns are shown every season, and this year is no different. We usually see them represented in clothing items like military jackets and parka jackets, button down shirts, t-shirts, knitted tops, casual pants, shorts, jeans, and less frequently in skirts, dresses and blouses. You’ll also find camouflage printed bags, shoes and belts. 

I have never owned an item in camouflage print. I’m just not attracted to patterns that consist of shades of olive, tan and brown enough to purchase them. Other colour palettes always excite me more when the time comes to forking out fashion dollars. So it’s more to do with the colour composition of authentic camouflage patterns, than the pattern itself. 

I almost bought a camouflage blazer in shades of orange, watermelon, pink and citron, but decided against it because it was too loud. I’m partial to the monochromatic grey versions of camouflage print when worn as jeans or casual pants, and would wear those. I also like camouflage print, in its earthy incarnations, when worn by others. I definitely like the pattern best worn as jeans and pants as opposed to a top or topper. I also like camouflage prints on blokes and kids. So I’m a yay vote for others, but a nay vote for my own style unless the pattern is in atypical colours and preferably as a bottom.  

Most of my clients don’t like camouflage print, although I have a handful who absolutely love it, both in authentic and atypical colours. Most find the pattern overly masculine, too “young”, and quite ugly. Some also find it distasteful to sport a pattern that is associated with armed conflict. What’s your verdict?