There are three different definitions of correct clothing fit, namely “body con”, “oversized” and “tailored”. A body con fit is extra tight, whereas the oversized fit is roomy, boxy and sometimes slouchy. A tailored fit is structured, thereby achieving a balance between snug and roomy. 

We’ll be extra busy over the next six weeks with holiday prep, parties, finishing stuff off at work, hosting guests, and eating all sorts of yummy food. “Holiday time”, as it is known in the US might mean altering your outfit choices because it’s such a hectic, food-focused, and often dressier time of year. We have to balance being comfortable busy bees with the appropriate occasion. So this poll is holiday-specific, meaning that you’ll choose a team based on the clothing fit that you will sport the most frequently from now until New Years Day. 

I have all three fits represented in my wardrobe, although tailored and oversized fits are by far the most represented. For the next six weeks, I will still be wearing tight turtle necks and skinnies, but have no interest in wearing my body con midi dresses and skirts. My holiday outfit will not be body con either. I will be wearing the heck out of all my tailored trousers, flared skirts, jackets, coats and pullovers. I will also frequently wear my oversized trousers, jeans and knitwear. And wearing oversized clothing on Thanksgiving day is a very good idea. 

I first thought I was Team Tailored all the way. But my tailored clothing tends to be on the roomy side and I’m often combining tailored and oversized fits in one outfit these days. So I guess this poll puts me back on the bench because I can’t pick a side. We are having a feast of veggie burgers with all the fixings, sun-dried tomato and chili pasta, hot fudge sundaes and a beverage of your choice if you need to sit this one out too. I highly recommend wearing an oversized fit to our bench party. 

Over to you. Will you be batting for Team Tailored, Team Body Con or Team Oversized Fit over the next six weeks? Tell us why and no batting for both teams.