I vote yay. To me fingerless gloves are like peep toe booties and shooties for your hands. I don’t have a pair yet but plan to have a word with Father Christmas about filling this fun wardrobe gap. 

The glove itself adds an eye-catching textural element to an outfit, while the exposure of fingers adds an extra interesting dimension. Fingerless gloves come in all sorts of lengths, weights, colours, fabrications, textures and patterns. Some styles are dressy — think velvet, leather, faux fur and lace. Some styles are casual — think chunky knits, distressed leather, studs and zippers. 

Fingerless gloves are often purely decorative because they don’t keep your hands warm, although some styles provide insulation. Exposed fingers are useful for typing, opening your bag and wallet, or using your touchscreen phone, which makes the concept a very practical one too. And long fingerless gloves magically add length to a too short sleeve. But when the goal is to keep your hands warm, proper gloves are the way to go. 

There is no end to the concept of “arm candy” in fashion right now, and this borrowed from the ’80s silhouette is yet another option. Do you vote yay or nay?

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