Sometimes our styles undergo 180 degree shifts in colour, fabrication and silhouette preferences from one season to the next. And sometimes the changes are a lot more subtle, if there are changes at all. 

When I compare my current outfit combinations to those of last Autumn, I notice significant differences. Some of these changes were in line with a gradual evolution of my style preferences. And others were quite unexpected. 

  • I’m trouser-crazy. I have three years of trouser season to thank for my trouser-love. The affection started two years ago and I’m not looking back. I’m even sporting wide leg trousers for the very first time. Trousers, in all sorts of shapes, colours, patterns and fabrications, make my heart sing because they feel modern and no-nonsense. I LOVE trousers.  
  • I’m off dresses and pencil skirts. Three years ago you couldn’t get me out of my frocks and pencils, but this year you can’t get me out of my trousers. One exception: I am enjoying my flared skirts.
  • I’m wearing jeans far less frequently. That way, I can wear my trousers more frequently. That said, my zippered skinnies, jodhpur jeans and white jeans are still favourites, and I’m enjoying my slouchy skinnies and boyfriend jeans just as much.  
  • I’m almost over the rugged-tough look. Nothing will stop me from wearing my Dr. Martens 20 eyelets, black biker jackets and faded denim jackets because those items have been part of my style soul for decades. But other than that, I’m finding a softer look far more appealing. Hence my blush pink moto jacket, and my love for lace, light blue, flared skirts and refined footwear. I still have a strong tomboy style gene, but prefer to interpret those looks in dainty ways.   
  • I’m a bold pattern mixer. This is a huge surprise for minimalist me. I’ve found the pattern mixing trend extremely contagious, and seeing as I don’t wear jewelry, pattern mixing has become “my jewelry”.  
  • I’m loving dark blue. It’s right up there with my favourite neutrals black, and all shades of white. I just bought an ink blue coat and I’m taking it out for its first spin this weekend.  
  • I’m a daytime clutch convert. As a bag lady, I’m proud to unexpectedly be part of this small team.  

There are aspects of my style that haven’t changed, like my love for all things crisp, clean, minimal, simple and strict. I still adore shirts, blouses, sleek black turtlenecks, polka dots, stripes, plaid, military style details, blazers, pearls, all things cream and white, sour brights, menswear inspired items, flat and low heeled footwear, big watches and lipstick. Above all, I am still a modern classic gal who likes to amp up the modern and feels naked without her classics. 

Over to you! I so enjoy hearing how your style evolves from one season to the next. Please share your changes and your constants in the comments section. Perhaps we are evolving our styles in similar ways, or maybe we’re going in completely different directions.