How did Kermit Oliver, a postal worker from Texas, come to design sixteen iconic scarves for the French luxury brand Hermès? Read the full story, inspiring and tragic, on

From fashion journalists, footwear and clothing designers to boutique owners and magazine editors, on Exposed Zippers Lisa Weiss wants to “uncover stories behind the people who make fashion happen”.

“What compels you to create?”, that’s the question EcoSalon put to a number of designers and artisans who believe in using ethically responsible methods to produce their collections.

Fab Links from Our Members

Lisa strives for a minimal closet so these 15 Fashions for 30 Days, put together with pieces from the Fall 2012 CAbi Collection, are right up her alley.

Winter is coming, and Ingunn finds Janice’s idea of wearing cropped black pants with opaque tights and flats quite interesting. But should the tights be a contrast colour or blend with the shoes and/or pants, she asks.

Laurinda loved these Pixelated Fashion Accessories, and suggests the pixelated face makeup and shirt would make a great Halloween costume. (ETA: some images might not be safe for work.)

If you enjoy simple, strong, modern and minimal style, then Angie highly recommends that you follow “StylewithClass” on Pinterest, and the “Street Chic” board in particular. 

CocoLion can’t stop thinking about Martin Margiela’s collection for H&M, and hopes that everyone who has seen it in the stores reports back.

“Effortless chic works best on a linear body because the clothes can hang loose and still look the way they were intended. Whereas people who are curvier need more fitted clothes and will therefore always look less relaxed.”  Vildy thinks image consultant Lisa Pippus’ viewpoint makes a lot of sense and wonders how you feel about the statement. 

Carole recommends this informative post about different ways to cuff and roll your jeans.

Gaylene has often thought that frumpiness, at any age, has more to do with ill-fitting clothing than with how the actual items are being worn, and adds that this picture and post really illustrate that point.

Do you feel guilty when you splurge on a big-ticket item? Kristin liked how Shannyn over at Frugal Beautiful justified saving for two years for a pair of coveted Louboutins

MaryK is completely smitten with Catherine’s amazing casual outfit over at Not Dressed as Lamb. She loves every single detail and says to pay special attention to the three vintage watches on one wrist.

Last but not least, Greg invites us to continue our tour of the best fashion museums around the world with stops in Antwerp, Bath, Amsterdam and quite a few other enchanting places that often specialize in one aspect of style.