This is an easy Fall and Winter smart casual outfit formula that is super practical in wet weather. The strength of the outfit comes from wearing three items in the same colour. In this case the trousers, jacket and shoes are all black. The black components, both on the top and bottom, instantly pull the look together by bookending the outfit. Furthermore, although the colour is the same, the textures of the black items are different: leather, wool and nubuck. This adds further outfit interest. 

I bet some of you already have the wardrobe components and could put this look together in two ticks. They are:

Black tapered trousers + sweater + black moto jacket + black booties

Tapered trouser hems showcase cold weather footwear in the best way, AND prevent your hems from getting soggy when it rains. These trousers are pleated, but you could wear flat fronts, cigarette pants or straight leg jeans. 

The sweater can be basic, although this one shows a bit of stitching interest. Choose any colour. You could also opt for a blouse, button down shirt or tee instead of the sweater.

The moto jacket is quite cropped, which lengthens the leg line. This outfit shows the sweater shorter than the jacket, but you have options. You could tuck in the top and add a belt. Or leave it untucked, thereby allowing the hem of the top to fall below the hem of the jacket. 

The booties are the third black item in the outfit, and they further strengthen the leg line by keeping the colour of the footwear the same as the trousers. 

Add a scarf and bag to finish off the ensemble, and wear jewelry as desired.

As with all the formulas, I sow the seed of an idea. The next step is to substitute the components so that they are more suited to your style preferences. For example, wear brown trousers, moto jacket and booties instead of black. Or keep the colour contrast between the three items low instead of the same. Wear brown trousers and booties, but throw in a burgundy leather jacket. Leave off the scarf.

Will you be basing outfits on this formula in Autumn and Winter?