Did you know that you can use a salad spinner as a sweater dryer? That using lip balm will help keep your shoelaces secure, or that spraying starch on white sneakers will keep dirt and grime at bay? Real Simple lists 75 clothing care tips and tricks that might come in very handy one day.

If you are looking for greener alternatives to dry cleaning, then check out these nine ways to wash your delicates from EcoSalon.

Do stretched-out cuffs on your favourite sweaters drive you batty? This easy three-step video shows us how to reshape pullovers and get them back in shipshape condition.

Fab Links from Our Members

Nadya in so many ways admires this enterprising bride and the dress she knitted for her special day.

Even though Annagybe is not on Team Polka Dot, she would happily carry one of these Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton bags.

Laurinda likes these fashion accessories made from skateboard decks and recycled skateboard materials. She hopes that the eyeglass frames will be available for purchase soon.

New York Magazine did a round-up of the 50 most scandalous dresses in history (warning: some are quite graphic and probably not suitable for work). Angie thought the mix very interesting.

Joy reports that Interactive Product Group recently released “Fashion Hazard”, a new videogame set in the fashion world. It is described as a sort of Indiana Jones meets the runway, and the developers believe it fills a gap in their industry: action games with feminine appeal.

As a former plus-size MaryK is always happy to see lots of options in all size ranges. She points us to this Los Angeles Times article about how clothing lines are finally waking up to the plus-size market, and also enjoyed this feature about JilRo, a new Los Angeles plus-sized line.