This sounds obvious because we purchase wardrobe items in order to wear them. Yet sometimes we get so caught up with hunting down “the next exciting piece”, keeping up with trends, or chasing bargains, that we forget to wear the gorgeous items we already purchased. We are adding items to our wardrobe faster than we can wear them. It’s a weird shopping and dressing cycle that is not uncommon at all. The result is a large number of unworn items, which is essentially a waste of money. 

Of course, purchasing items for a future occasion often means that we have to wait to wear them, even if it is just to keep them nice for the occasion. Or we have to wait for the weather to co-operate. These reasons for not wearing new things are understandable.  

The process of amassing wardrobe items can be lots of fun, and to some this is a hobby in itself. Although I personally prefer to maintain a small wardrobe, I am not against a large wardrobe as long as you do actually wear your many, many options. 

The danger is in seeing new items as the only way to get newness, when in reality a lot of your style innovation should come from the way you wear your items. Even with a small wardrobe there are an enormous number of potential combinations. And if you have bought your items with capsules in mind, then you’re even more likely to find interesting combinations that test your style boundaries. Combinations are not the only way to innovate. Tucked or untucked. Scrunched or unscrunched. Knotted or loose. Open or closed. Layered or not. A small tweak can often show a completely different side to an item.

At the end of the day, the reason you bought goodies in the first place was so that you can enjoy them on your body. Please wear your wonderful clothes, shoes and accessories!