Did you know that cork is being used in the apparel industry as a lightweight fabric and insulator? Swiss textile company Schoeller is combining the insulating properties of cork with high performance fabrics like wool fleece and jersey for the manufacturing of outerwear and activewear.

The Telegraph reports that eco-conscious designer Livia Firth is launching a sustainably-made five piece capsule collection consisting of a little black dress, a butterfly motif pashmina, two cloche hats and a handcrafted necklace.

Fashionista recently did a round-up of their twenty-five favourite fashion labels that still produce some if not all of their goods in the United States.

Fab Links from Our Members

Parsley enjoyed watching the performances and outfits of the women gymnasts during the 1936 Olympics. 

Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas was criticized for the state of her hair. Ironkurtin found Gabby’s response tremendously refreshing.

MaryK was completely captivated by this comparison of Usain Bolt’s winning time to the winning times in all the Olympics going back to 1896. She adds that the data are fascinating and the computer graphics are out of this world.

Laurinda thought it a bit odd that female beach volleyball players were wearing sports bras over their shirts. She wonders if it’s just to keep the local chill at bay.

Even though it’s a style far away from her own, Zapotee loved this sneaker slideshow in the New York Times. 

In this article about the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting a Sikh woman explains that she follows fashion trends, but in the past also felt the need to hide her beliefs and urged her husband to adjust his appearance to fit in. RunnerChick is humbled and inspired by her intention to be more true to herself from now on. 

The rich colours, patterns and textures in Tory Burch’s Fall 2012 collection are a feast for the eyes. Jamie’s favourite outfits are those that feature a combination of deep violet and orange.

Eternalvoyageur recommends this resources list for small busts over at Thin and Curvy

How to dress for weight fluctuations? Goldenpig discovered lots of useful tips in this blog post by Already Pretty’s Sally. 

Charmian was disappointed that the emphasis in this article about Silicon Valley techies breaking a fashion taboo was on “successsful” women. Not many in-the-trenches-of-their-career women were featured, which speaks to the strength of the enivronmental norm to dress casually. 

Earlier this year Angie rediscovered her love for light blue, and as a shirt girl herself, she encourages us to check out all these women rocking their light blue shirts over at Habitually Chic.

Flamboyant fashion editor Anna Piaggi died on Tuesday, aged 81. Desmo April says that the fashion world will be much less colourful without her, and points us to Jezebel who are looking back at some of her great outfits.