I was initially disappointed with my form fitting polka dot midi skirt. I wore it with three inch heels to a wedding in Chicago earlier this Spring, but as much as I liked my outfit, I did not enjoy hobbling around in the skirt. Below the knee, super tight, and sans stretch, I remember thinking that this skirt was destined for sitting occasions only. Fortunately, I was wrong. 

About a month after the wedding I wore the skirt again, but this time with ballet flats. I was amazed at the difference it made. Wow. It was the high heels that made the skirt feel so limiting the first time round. I’m thrilled to report that I can now wear this skirt with flats on a bustling shopping day with one of my clients.

I wanted a pair of slipper flats as soon as I saw the trend surface last year. It took a while to find the right pair, but I did, and Vince Camuto’s Liliana3 animal print  flats have been my go to shoes all Summer long. I can’t be more thrilled with them. They are comfortable, dressy, sparkly, fun, and extremely versatile if you are prepared to mix your patterns. I particularly like wearing my slipper flats with patterned clothing because it feels on trend.

I do have a love-hate relationship with this white blouse. I adore its crisp fabric, retro sailor integrity, volume, and raised shawl collar. The slight stretch in the fabric and the trapeze shape make it comfortable and fun to wear. But after half an hour of wearing the blouse, it begins to show pull lines on the shoulders of the sleeves and those creases drive me batty. The blouse does not feel too tight at all, and looks perfect when you first pop it on. Yet there is something about the cut of the sleeve that isn’t quite right, causing it to misbehave after a short period of time.

Oh well. If I ignore the sleeve creases, I love the blouse for its ladylike and romantic vibe. That’s quite a change to the tomboy button down shirts that are my style staple.

Although a shade of red lipstick would have looked more appropriately retro and complemented the blouse, I generally prefer to wear light lipstick with white tops. That’s my way of adding a modern element to the outfit. 

I finished off the look with a new cognac and neon clutch that was a birthday present from a dear friend. I do not wear earthy cognac colours, but when it’s paired with neon yellow, it feels right for my style. I have worn this clutch a lot over the last three weeks, both during the day and at night, and have  found it quite versatile. I absolutely love my gift. Could neon be the new neutral?

I chose my black retro specs to match the retro vibe of the blouse, and gold watch and wedding ring to match the hardware of the clutch. No other jewelry or accessories required because there’s enough going on with pattern mixing and neon colour blocking. This is my minimal take on a maximal outfit.