The slipper flat was inspired by the classic gents bedroom slipper and looks a little like a loafer. It’s less feminine than a ballet flat, but not quite as masculine as flat oxfords. I am very much a yay vote for the style. I can see the slipper flat making a nice change to more mainstream ballet flats and flat oxfords when the weather warms up.

Classic flat loafers are supposed to be making a huge comeback for Spring and Summer, and they have been the first thing on my warm weather shopping list as soon as I came back from September Fashion Week. But I’m wondering whether I should spring for a pair of slipper flats instead. Perhaps I need a pair of slipper flats and loafers. 

I think it’s cool that they resemble dapper menswear bedroom slippers. My almost 80 year old Dad will probably think that they are menswear slippers. What’s your verdict on the slipper flat?

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