Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and we are definitely starting to feel festive chez YLF. The holidays are about much more than parties and presents alone, but it is sweet to be treated to something special this time of year. It won’t come as much of a surprise when I say books are always on my personal wish list. I may have dropped a few hints here and there about Nostalgia in Vogue by Eve MacSweeney. I think this compilation of columns, each inspired by a particular Vogue image and written by fascinating people in the arts, will make a wonderful Christmas gift. 

But today’s Book Nook is all about you! Are you hoping to find a style book under the tree? Are there any titles that have caught your interest, and are you not afraid to steer gift givers in the right direction? Do you have friends or family members who’d enjoy a good fashion read? We’d love to hear all about it.

In the spirit of the holidays we are also taking reader requests. Want to know more about tartan and how to work it into an outfit? Are you interested in the story of Bergdorf Goodman, been meaning to investigate new and upcoming names in jewellery design or perhaps you’re in the mood for a delightfully fat novel with lavish period details. Often there’s just not enough time to sift through tons of titles to get to the good stuff, or you’re not sure where exactly to begin your search. Tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll try to come up with a selection that tickles your toes. Don’t be shy to add your own tried-and-tested recommendations in the comments too. After all, being inspired by the picks of fellow fashion fans is part of the fun.

New in YLF Books

This week we’ve added more calendars and organizers from our recent blog post to the Merchandise section. Gilles Néret talks about the evolution of undergarments and their erotic appeal throughout the ages in 1000 Dessous – A History of Lingerie.

Angie believes that your specs are a good place to start when making a style transformation because they can make or break your look. Discover the story behind more than 30 iconic brands in Cult Eyewear – The World’s Enduring Classics by Neil Handley, if you’d like some background info before you hit the stores.