We’re talking about the crease lines that are deliberately pressed into the centre front and back of both men and women’s trousers as shown in the photos below. 

I have an irrational dislike for crease lines on my own trousers. I iron them out immediately when a new pair comes into my wardrobe. I also inform the cleaners, “no crease lines, please”. Strangely, I do like the creases on Greg’s trousers. I also don’t mind seeing these crease lines on the trousers of others. But when it comes to my own trousers, I definitely prefer the way they look sans the crease. I guess I feel more polished and streamlined that way. It’s illogical, but there you have it. I cannot make peace with this particular crease.  

I am a nay vote for me, but a yay vote on others. What’s your verdict? Do centre crease lines enhance the look of trousers, thereby adding vertical integrity and elongating the leg line. Or do they take away from them.