After the controversy over Chinese-produced Team USA uniforms, Ralph Lauren pledges that, beginning with the 2014 Olympics, the uniforms will be made in the United States. In the meantime, FLARE Magazine takes a look at some of the biggest designers in fashion who are dressing athletes for every moment of the Games. Jamaica wins gold for the most cheerful uniform, wouldn’t you agree?

Can wearing the right-coloured outfit make the difference between walking away empty-handed or with a medal? The Guardian did some research into the psychology of dressing for Olympic success.

From French tennis player René Lacoste to twelve time swim medalist Dara Torres, in honour of the 2012 Olympics, Lucky Magazine pays tribute to the hundred most fashionable sports stars of all time.

Fab Links from Our Members

Sarah found a fun board on Pinterest, where the pinner creates outfits based on Disney characters.

Apparently refreshing one’s hairstyle is overrated. Rae was highly amused by this tip on how to become a fashion icon.   

Angie is super excited about the “Miss Wu” collection that designer Jason Wu is creating for Nordstrom. The collection will be a few price points above Target, and Angie has high hopes that the fabrications will be luxurious. 

Laurinda recommends this Design Fix DIY to sew a hospital gown that is fashionable and more comfortable – and also a great way to introduce a newborn to colour and pattern.

Who says prom dresses have to cost a pretty penny. Gaylene thinks this 17-year old girl had a lot of fun making her own dress by using her math homework as the material

Shevia is smitten with the combination of lace, length and pointy-toed flat loafers in Giorgia’s outfit, and would love to find a similar pair of peds for herself. 

Last but not least, SuzyCue discovered this wonderful tutorial on fitting denim over at Grasping for Objectivity. Blogger Rachel used twelve volunteers with different body types to model the jeans!