If you’re after a more relaxed and slouchy casual vibe than tapered bermuda shorts, cropped skinnies or clamdiggers, try boyfriend jeans. If you are new to the silhouette, refresh you memory on how to wear long pants that are cuffed and rolled

I like boyfriend jeans with a tucked in top and belt because of the interesting “dressy meets casual” juxtaposition it creates. Remember that you can semi tuck your tops instead of tucking them in all the way if you are dead set against tucking. Boyfriend jeans with a lower rise tend to work better with the belted semi tucked look because the effect is less poufy around the tummy area. 

Add a soft blouse or shirt. Semi tuck or fully tuck it into the jeans. A roomier blouse that is semi tucked into boyfriend jeans with a lower rise has a forgiving effect around the midriff. Do not disregard tucking if you prefer to NOT attract attention to your waistline. Try this formula first and report back to me. 

Add casual footwear, a belt that fills out the belt loops, a handbag, eyewear and jewelry as desired. I’ve chosen an orange bag because I like cobalt matched with orange. I added a zebra belt because I love animal print accessories and it’s all about pattern this year. 

I sow the seed of an outfit idea, but the next step is to substitute the items so that they are to your taste and in line with your style persona. For example, I love soft blouses, but I would also swap this one out for a fully tucked in button down shirt, and wear slipper flats instead of sandals. Perhaps you’d prefer to wear a knitted top or roomy t-shirt. Add a studded belt and wedged sandals. Wear a crossbody bag. Wear white, coloured or patterned boyfriend jeans. Add arm candy and a fedora. Get those creative juices flowing.