The Summer retail season is almost at an end and it won’t be long before the first Fall collections hit stores. I’d like to hear your thoughts on what was fab, and not so fab for Spring and Summer 2012. 

Based on the shopping expeditions with my clients and shopping for my own wardrobe, these are my perceptions. 


  • It’s been an outstanding season of colour and pattern in ALL wardrobe items. The best variety and interpretation I’ve seen in years. And if you prefer neutrals and solids, there were plenty of those around too. 
  • The variety of denim product has been stellar for several seasons, and this year is no exception. 
  • No ruffle overload. 
  • No empire cut overload. 
  • Great assortment of Summer knitwear.
  • Great assortment of flat footwear. 
  • This has been the season for the breezy blouse and top! Gorgeous options. 
  • Woven tops are as widely available as knitted tops. 
  • Although there are still too many sleeveless and capped sleeved items in stores, sleeved tops are far less scarce. 
  • Summer jackets and blazers are plentiful as cardigans take a back seat. A nice change after the cardigan overload. 
  • The assortment of sandals has been superb, especially if you can wear high heels. 
  • The availability of fabulous low heeled footwear is improving. 
  • It’s been a brilliant trouser and shorts season. Variety galore.  


  • Unless you like maxi dresses, it’s been a dismal dress season. It’s been hard to find a flattering dress that’s not too short, too flimsy, too body conscious, too synthetic, too naked, too expensive or just too oddly proportioned. 
  • It’s also been a pretty dismal skirt season unless pencil skirts and minis were your thing. No skirt variety at all. It’s been a trouser season all the way. 
  • Tops have been more covered than in previous seasons, but many were awfully sheer. Camisoles are great, but we also have the right to NOT wear a camisole and still feel covered. 
  • Cropped pants overload. 
  • Coloured jeans overload.
  • Although I love the voluminous blouse trend, there was a shortage of structured sleeved tops for those who prefer to wear their items more tailored. There were plenty of stunning button down shirts, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We needed more variety in tailored top silhouettes. 
  • And here’s my largest rant: Warm weather can mean vacation and casual days by the beach and pool. But many of us actually need Summer clothes that we can wear to work. Stores are completely overloaded with beachwear. 

Over to you.