Cheryl thoroughly enjoyed the packing tips offered on A Femme d’Un Certain Age. Nice capsule visuals. 

Velvety Chocolate was disappointed when she read in the LA Times that former Target Corp. retail executive Michael Francis is leaving J.C. Penny. She had high hopes that he would sort out their sharp drop in sales. 

MaryK enjoyed reading in Slate about the afterlife of cheap clothes. Apparently clothing waste is a real issue. 

Diana recommends reading the fascinating article on Kate Davies Designs about the history of pleats, and hopes that we see a resurgence of Irish pleated linen. 

ManidipaM enjoyed this post on how to update the classics with modern equivalents on Refinery 29. 

Inge, who loves outfits that have been inspired by artworks, liked seeing how these outfits from Miss Moss were inspired by Matisse. Look at the British Queen! 

Mochi read in The Japan Times that Japanese men are spending more and more money on grooming and beauty products. It’s quite a trend. 

Ironkurtin likes this study of white by The Animal Orchestra.

Last but not least, you can look sensational in wet and muggy weather, as Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen does in this outfit. It’s elegant, modern, classic, edgy, retro and crisp all at the same time. Love the umbrella.