Note: by white footwear I mean all shades of white, off white, bone and cream, but excluding athletic sneakers. 

I LOVE the look of white footwear throughout the year. My love for white peds started in the ’80s and it stuck. White boots, booties, stacked sandals, ankle strap shoes, thong sandals, mules, peep-toes, ballet flats, mary janes, Converse, espadrilles, loafers, flat oxfords, sandal booties, pumps – I adore these styles in all shades of white, although I wear only a handful of them. 

I have a thing for white items in general, so that might be why I am drawn to white footwear. White footwear looks fresh, crisp, bold, and above all modern to my eye. It can also look graphic or retro depending on the style of the shoe. 

White footwear is a perfect marriage with white trousers, cropped pants and jeans, creating an elongated column of colour. They also look great when matched with a top, topper or dress that incorporates white. You don’t need to be tanned to wear white footwear either. I think it looks fabulous on all skin tones. 

When I work with my clients, I’ve found that their thoughts on white footwear are divided. Some like it for the same reasons that I do, while others find the vibe frumpy, unflattering, jarring, unsophisticated, hard to successfully pull together in an outfit, or just old fashioned. 

Granted, white footwear is bold and bright, and not quite as versatile as a metallic or nude-for-you shoe. For me, there is something magical about white footwear, and my wardrobe is never without it. 

Do you wear white footwear? If so, do you wear it in the warmer months, or throughout the year? Do you think that white footwear is hard to match up in outfits? Does it look frumpy to your eye?

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